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Update on current testing situation

We are currently experiencing unanticipated long turn-around times in the laboratory. Due to the pandemic situation virus, our regular suppliers have back-orders for the chemicals we need for DNA isolation and/or testing. We are sourcing replacements, but we then of course must test these replacements for quality control reasons before we can run diagnostic samples.

Certain laboratory supplies are also on back-order due to being used in COVID-testing laboratories.  We are currently not able to use the robots required for our automated processing, which means that every step in the laboratory for all of our samples must be performed manually.  Our partner laboratories are having similar problems.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to remedy this situation by having more technicians in the laboratory.  Pandemic-protocols limit the number of technicians who can work in each laboratory room simultaneously, so even with two shifts we are unable to speed up the processes.

We apologize for this delay and we are doing everything within our control to get results out as soon as possible. We apologize as well for the delay in posting this update.  Our predicted time-lines have been also changing based on our suppliers and we were too optimistic that the situation would improve rather than getting worse!

For the next months, new samples will have a 4-6 week turn-around time after sample receipt.  PSSM2 samples will be prioritized.  This longer turn-around time on new samples will allow us to concentrate on getting results for our current backlog of samples.

If you have samples currently in the lab, we will send the results as soon as they are available; we are working on it around the clock.

Thank you for your understanding and patience during these difficult times.

Best regards and stay healthy,

Your Generatio-CAG Team


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