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Update: March 2021

To our valued customers,

generatio is a busy place! In addition to finishing our new website and webshop, we are currently developing a new technology that will allow us to substantially streamline our testing protocols. While this is in the development and validation process, the pandemic-related problems in the process chains unfortunately remain unchanged. We will therefore concentrate on our core testing portfolio so that we can provide you with the excellent level of service you have come to expect from us.

Please note that from 01.04.2021 the following will apply:
1. Most horse tests require 2-3 weeks processing time after we have received the samples.
2. For tests that require part of the sample to be tested in a partner laboratory, the processing time can be up to 5 weeks.
3. Horse DNA identity profiles (H100) will be run in batches of 16 samples. Turnaround time is dependent on the number of samples arriving. We cannot give guaranteed turn-around times on this service.
4. The effort to collect DNA profiles that were not created by us is now a separate service that is billed separately. There is a one-time 15 EUR (net) per animal fee for this.
5. Parentage assessment (H101) is no longer included in the DNA Identity test (H100). It is now a separate order item and costs 12 EUR (net).
6. The range of horse tests will focus on the tests for PSSM2 certain coat colors and trait tests as well as the most important hereditary diseases required by studbooks (PSSM2 panel, PSSM1, WFFS, MH, HWSD, CA, SCID, etc.). We will no longer be offering the full Quarter horse 5 and 6 panels until our new technology is established. Refer to our website for the full list of available tests.
7. All tests ordered until now will of course be run but it will no longer be possible to order new services for tests which are not in our core portfolio after 01.04.2021.
8. The process of testing remains unchanged.
a. When the sample arrives, you, and any third parties you name, will receive an email with the order data from our Generatio Animal Trust Center (ATC).
b. New clients will also receive an email with a link to activate their ATC account.
c. The user account enables online payment as well as viewing of the animal data and updating if any data is incomplete. Results certificates are also available within the account to those to whom access has been granted on the order form.
d. You will be informed about the completion of testing by email. If the animal data is complete and payment has been made, results certificates will be sent at the same time.

We look forward to working with you in the future. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

Best regards,
Your generatio Team


generatio Update – March 2021 – pdf

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