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Temporary test-portfolio reduction

Dear Customers,

Unfortunately, the Corona pandemic has led to a shortage of laboratory materials and to lockdown-related staff shortages.

For this reason, we must temporarily reduce the scope of our test portfolio.

Effective 01.02.2021, the following categories will be temporarily discontinued:

  1. Cat genetic testing
  2. Equine Ancestry testing for horses
  3. Blood group testing/serum antibody testing for neonatal isoerythryolysis (NI).

Horse and dog tests are largely unaffected.  Available tests may be found on the following page:  Note that under “DNA tests for characteristics and hereditary diseases” you can sort by species to see the tests available for dogs and for horses.

Tests requiring sample shipment to partner laboratories depend on country-specific regulations and may experience shipping delays. Turn-around times may therefore be prolonged. Naturally, any samples that we have already received will be processed normally.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  We will communicate further developments on our website and via our Facebook page.

Our aim is to continue to provide you with accurate and timely results during these uncertain times.  With this adjustment, we can ensure that we can meet the high standard you expect from us.

Your Generatio-CAG Team

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