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State Stud Marbach’s Silvery Moon xx – color testing results

Have you heard about the handsome new stallion at State Stud Marbach? Silvery Moon xx is a thoroughbred stallion with a difference – he has a fantastic color pattern, and 50% of his foals will inherit the “frame overo” genetic variant that causes it!  He also has two copies of the variant for “normal” height in Warmbloods and Thoroughbreds.

Silvery Moon xx ©Gille

HuL Marbach has kindly allowed CAG GmbH to share Silvery Moon’s genetic testing results, which you can see here, with an explanation of what it all means: Silvery Moon genetic testing results.

If you have any questions about genetic testing in general, or what color foal you might get if you breed your mare to Silvery Moon xx, we are here to answer them!



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