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Education is an important part of CAG’s mission. CAG offers seminars and one-on-one counseling to help breeders and veterinarians gain a better understanding of genetics and how it relates to animal health and breeding.


CAG offers seminars for veterinarians, veterinary nurses, breed clubs, and breeders. Depending upon the interests and knowledge level of the target audience, seminar topics can include:

  • Introduction to basic genetics in animals
  • Hereditary diseases and tests of interest
  • The research process – technology, the genome, and on-going research
  • Genetics of behaviour and domestication
  • Diseases and tests associated with phenotypes
  • Using genetic testing in a responsible breeding program (for breeders & breed clubs)
  • How to talk to breeders about genetics (for veterinarians and vet nurses)
  • Setting up an open registry (for breeders & breed clubs)

Genetic Counseling

An important part of the genetic testing process is understanding what the results mean for an animal’s treatment, a breeding program, and how to go forward with one’s breeding line. CAG offers genetic counseling for animal breeders on how to understand and utilize their test results.

CAG as a Resource

If you have any questions about companion animal genetics, email or call us. CAG is pleased to help, or to put you in touch with those who can.

CAG has also created these informational webpages to explain some of the genetic basics to animal owners, breeders and anyone with an interest in animal genetics. Click on the subject of interest to be taken to these educational pages.

CAG as Facilitator

For any questions regarding animal genetics please contact us anytime. We would be pleased to be able to help you or to put you in contact with a fitting institution or academic partner.

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