In addition to offering routine genetic testing, CAG also conducts innovative research into hereditary diseases and complex traits in animals. We are currently collaborating with Dr. Leigh Anne Clark at the Clemson Canine Genetics Laboratory and Dr. G. Diane Shelton from the UCSD Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratory on projects involving canine neuromuscular diseases in American bulldogs and in Boston terriers.

CAG is pleased to work with academic laboratories, registries, clubs and breeders on projects of interest in horse, dog, and cat genetics. We are particularly interested in hereditary diseases, as well as researching complex traits such as those that affect metabolism, bone, joint, and tendon health, behaviour, and multi-factorial traits.

We collect samples from horses, dogs and cat for our research – check with us to see if your breed and disease/trait of interest are currently in our research program.

CAG also welcomes hearing from veterinarians and breeders about diseases or traits that they are seeing in their populations.