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Educational Genetics

Learn more about animal genetics and visit our educational info pages about inheritance of hereditary diseases and traits, as well as about coat colors in horses.


Basic Genetics

Fascinating Coat Colors

Current Research Programs

Our goal is to promote animal health through working with breeders and breed clubs by offering cost effective diagnostic testing and innovative research solutions. Therefore we offer our genetic counseling and conduct research in colaboration with veterinarians, breeders and owners to develop new tests.


More information about current research programs

HorseHealth and Biobank Initiative

Seminars and Genetic Counseling

Education is an important part of CAG’s mission. We offer seminars to breeders and veterinarians, as well as genetic counseling to help breeders understand how to understand and incorporate test results into a responsible breeding program.

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Other Services

CAG provides a variety of services for academic and commercial laboratories.


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