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How do I get information on the available tests?

Information on all offered genetic tests can be found on the CAG website. CAG scientists can give you more information as well. Call, email, or use our contact form!

How do I know what test to order?

If you are not sure which test(s) would be appropriate for your horse/breed, see the test details on our website, or contact one of our scientists by phone, email, or through our contact form.

How do I order a free Sample Collection Kit?

Order free Sample Collection Kits on the CAG website, by email, or by phone.

How can I pay for a test?

A bill will be sent by email soon as a sample is received. Payment can be by cash, bank transfer, or credit card.

How do I understand the test results?

Each report includes personalized information on what the results mean for your horse, and for its potential offspring. Our scientists are also happy to discuss the results with you by phone or email.

How can I apply these results to my breeding program?

CAG scientists specialize in animal genetics, including “genetic counseling” for breeders. We are always available for consultations.

How can I learn more about basic genetics or on-going research?

Learn about our research and collaborations on the CAG webpage, or come to one of our educational seminars. Or if you just have a simple question about genetics, we are here to help! Call us, email us, or use our contact form.

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