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Order a DNA test for your animal by following the steps below.

1. Choose your ordering method and your test

For hereditary diseases in horses there is the possibility to order in the webshop. If you do not want this and for the other products follow the instructions.
Identify a test of interest. If you have multiple samples or are interested in multiple tests, contact us about possible discounts.

2. Sample collection method

Decide which sample collection method you would like to use. See the “Sample Collection and Shipping Instruction form”, and order free Buccal Swab and Shipping Kits through our Contact Form. We will also accept swabs sourced elsewhere (please note that Q-tip type cotton swabs are not appropriate). For hair samples you can attach the pulled hair with sticky tape onto the printed Hair-Collection-Card and write the animal’s name on it. Please make sure that you do not put the sticky tape on the roots of your sample! CAG also offers free sample collection kits which you can order here. Sample collection by a veterinarian may be required for certain registries to accept the results.

3. Print off & fill out

Print off and fill out one Combined Client Information & Sample Submission Form (“Order form”) for each set of samples that will be shipped. Each combined form has space for information on one owner and one animal. For more than two animals, additional Sample Submission and Order Forms may be printed off separately. More Client Information Forms may also be printed off separately. If a veterinarian is collecting the samples, have them enter the appropriate information and sign and stamp the form.

Collect sample(s) and mail it with the Order form to CAG.
CAG GmbH – Center for Animal Genetics
Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 23
D-72076 Tuebingen

4. After sample receipt

After receiving the sample, CAG immediately starts the processing. The person indicated on the request form will then receive a confirmation of receipt of the sample and a preliminary invoice by e-mail, which can be paid either by bank transfer, Paypal or credit card. If you order via the webshop, you will automatically receive this invoice.
If you want to pay by bank transfer but have lost your invoice, you will find our bank details here:

Bank Information: VR Bank Tübingen eG
Account number: 302690000
Bank code: 64061854
IBAN: DE78640618540302690000

Each customer is assigned a unique CAG customer number. Please always quote this number if you have any questions. Each animal is assigned an individual CAG number. For future tests on this animal, you only need to enter this number. We keep the DNA of your animal for 10 years.
Most tests take 10-14 days. After payment is received, the certificates and results will be sent as a PDF file by e-mail to the recipient specified on the order form. Upon request, CAG GmbH will also send the results to the respective breeding association.


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