Color: PATN1 is a modifier of the Leopard Spotting Complex (appaloosa), LP.  When PATN1 is present, horses with the LP gene will usually show more than 60% white patterning.  If the LP gene is not present, PATN1 will have no effect on appearance.

Samples Accepted: Blood, Hair

Locus Information
: PATN1 is the first identified gene that modifies the Leopard Spotting Complex.

Test Information: This test is based on a single base change in the non-coding region of the RFWD3 gene, which codes for the PATN1 pattern. Animals only need one copy of the mutation to have an effect on the amount of white on Leopard Spotted horses.  If a horse does not have the LP mutation, the PATN1 mutation will not have an effect on color.  It is therefore possible for solid horses to have the PATN1 mutation and be able to produce “loud pattern” or “high white” offspring when bred to a horse with the LP mutation.

Holl, H.M., Brooks, S.A., Archer, S., Brown, K., Malvick, J., Penedo, M.C.T., Bellone, R.R.: Variant in the RFWD3 gene associated with PATN1, a modifier of leopard complex spotting. Animal Genetics, 11/2015,  Pubmed reference: 26568529. Doi: 10.1111/age.12375.

Test #: H217
Cost: 35€ (excl. VAT)
Time: 7-10 days