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Locus Informationen: PATN-Locus

General Information:

  • PATN1 is the first identified gene that modifies the Leopard Spotting Complex.
  • Pattern-1 in combination with the Leopard Spotting Complex (LP) → at birth the foal will show an increased amount of white in its pattern (min. 60%).
  • Pattern-1 without the Leopard Complexno phenotypic effects on coat color.
  • Horses may be carriers for this variant without showing any pattern themselves.

Possible Genotypes:

Genotype: Effects:
n/n Horses without the Leopard Complex and without PATN1 → usual coat color.

Horses with the Leopard Complex and without PATN1 → pattern with a usual amount of white    (< 60%).

LP/n + PATN1
PATN1 with one copy of the Leopard Complex variant → pattern with an unusal amount of white (> 60%) at birth.
PATN1 with two copies of the Leopard Complex variant → Leopard phenotype (full pattern).
→ Horses without the Leopard Complex may inherit the PATN1 variant even when they don’t show any pattern themselves. If bred to a horse with the Leopard Complex with a very low amount of white, offspring may show a surprisingly high amount of white if the PATN1 variant is passed on.


Testinformation: This test detects the change of a single basepair in the non-coding region of the RFWD3 gene (PATN1 region).

Holl, H.M., Brooks, S.A., Archer, S., Brown, K., Malvick, J., Penedo, M.C.T., Bellone, R.R.: Variant in the RFWD3 gene associated with PATN1, a modifier of leopard complex spotting. Animal Genetics, 11/2015, Pubmed reference: 26568529. Doi: 10.1111/age.12375.

An example of the Full Leopard phenotype.  This horse likely has one or two copies of the PATN1 variant in addition to the Leopard Complex.

Test #: H217

Sample: Blood, Hair

Price: 35 € (net)

Time required: 10-14 days

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