Locus Information: CH series

Inheritance: autosomal-dominant

→ Horses with one or two copies of this variant (Ch/n or Ch/Ch) will show the diluted coat color.

General Information:

  • This mutation will cause coat, mane and tail to be lighter in color than usual (dilution).
  • Melanocytes produce less pigment.
  • Different shades of the Champagne dilution are possible, depending on the base color of a horse: Classic Champagne (black base color), Gold Champagne (chestnut base color), Amber Champagne (bay base color).
  • Champagne may occur in combination with other dilution factors, such as Cream.
  • Champagne is often confused with the Cream dilution.
  • It’s a relatively new mutation that originates in North America → mainly found in american breeds (e.g. Quarter Horses, Tennesse Walker Horses, Morgan Horses etc.). Only found in other breeds through cross-breeding.
Genotype: Effect:
n/n No Champagne dilution.
Ch/n One copy of the Ch-variant → the horse shows the diluted coat color. Depending on the base color, the horse will be Classic Champagne, Gold Champagne or Amber Champagne.
Ch/Ch Two copies of the Ch-variant → the horse shows the same phenotype as horses with only one copy of the variant.


Testinformation: This tests detects the single basepair change in Exon 2 of the SLC36A1 gene.

Cook, D., Brooks, S., Bellone, R., Bailey, E.: Missense mutation in exon 2 of SLC36A1 responsible for champange dilution in horses. PLoS Genet 4:e1000195, 2008. Doi: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1000195

Further information is available at Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals.

The champagne dilution cannot be distinguished from other dilution factors such as Cream without genetic testing.

Test #: H201
Samples: Blood, Hair
Price: 35 € (net)
Time required: 7-10 days