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Tests offered and developed by CAG GmbH give breeders the tools they need to reduce the occurrence of undesirable traits through selective breeding and to choose top quality animals for their breeding programs.

Horse owners and buyers can be confident that their animals will not develop specific hereditary diseases, or will possess phenotypic traits of interest.

Veterinarians can use test results to help confirm or exclude diagnoses.

Identity Testing

The CAG Horse Identity test is a “DNA fingerprint” profile that establishes your horse’s identity.

Parentage Testing

In the CAG Parentage Test, DNA Identity Profiles are generated for each animal submitted, and are compared in order to establish the kinship between animals.

Hereditary Disease Testing

Testing for inherited diseases allows owners, breeders, and veterinarians to know if an animal is affected by, will develop, or is a carrier for a specific disease.

Phenotype Testing

Phenotype testing determines what alleles an animal has for physical traits such as coat color.

Blood Group Testing (NI prevention)

Different blood group tests prior and after birth in order to prevent Neonatal Isoerythrolysis in foals.

Resources and Support

CAG’s goal is to illuminate the subject for breeders, bringing clarity and understanding to a subject that can be intimidating.

We offer consultations by phone and/or in person to help you understand and apply the test results within your breeding program.

If you do not see the test or disease that you are interested in listed here, please contact us to register your interest; it may be in our research pipeline.

CAG’s samples are processed in a laboratory fully accredited under DIN EN ISO 15189:2014.

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