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Color: brown

Samples Accepted: Blood, Buccal Swabs

Locus Information: B-locus: b-allele

The B-locus codes for a color known as brown, chocolate, or liver, depending upon the breed.  It is responsible for both hair and skin color.  There are three recessive alleles that all result in the same color (bs, bd, be).

Test Information: This mutation test identifies the bs, bd, and be-alleles of the B-locus, all of which result in the brown color.

Schmutz, S.M., Berryere, T.G., Goldfinch, A.D.: TYRP1 and MC1R genotypes and their effects on coat color in dogs Mammalian Genome 13:380-387, 2002. Pubmed reference: 12140685. DOI: 10.1007/s00335-001-2147-2

Further information is available at the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals website.

Test #: D212

Cost: 35 € (excl. VAT)

Time: 7-10 days

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