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Tests offered and developed by CAG GmbH give breeders the tools they need to reduce the occurrence of undesirable traits through selective breeding and to confidently choose top quality animals for their breeding programs.

Owners can be confident in the current and future health of their pet, and veterinarians can use information from genetic testing to confirm diagnoses and help guide treatment decisions.

Identity Testing

The CAG Dog Identity test is a “DNA fingerprint” profile that establishes your dog’s identity.

Parentage Testing

A DNA Parentage Test determines kinship by comparing the DNA Identity profiles of offspring and potential parents.

Hereditary Disease Testing

Prognostic, Pre-breeding, and Diagnostic Testing: Hereditary Disease Tests predict if an animal will be affected with, or be a carrier for, an inherited disease.

Phenotype Testing

Phenotype tests predict physical traits, such as coat color or hair length.

Resources and Support

CAG’s goal is to illuminate the subject for breeders, bringing clarity and understanding to a subject that can be intimidating.

We offer consultations by phone and/or in person to help you understand and apply the test results within your breeding program.

If you do not see the test or disease that you are interested in listed here, please contact us to register your interest; it may be in our research pipeline.

CAG’s samples are processed in a laboratory fully accredited under DIN EN ISO 15189:2014.

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