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Color: Black/Chocolate/Cinnamon

Samples Accepted: Blood, Buccal Swabs

Locus Information: B series
The B series is caused by two mutations in the same gene. Having a copy of the wild-type allele (B) results in a black colored animal (B/B, B/b, B/bl). When no wild-type allele is present, having a copy of the b allele gives the color of brown known as chocolate (b/b, b/bl). Two copies of the bl allele results in a lighter brown color called cinnamon.

Test Information:

Chocolate: Test # C202: This mutation test identifies a single base pair change in intron 6 of the TYRP1 gene.

Cinnamon: Test # C203: This mutation test identifies a stop mutation in exon 2 of the TYRP1 gene.

Lyons, LA., Foe, IT., Rah, HC., Grahn, RA.: Chocolate coated cats: TYRP1 mutations for brown color in domestic cats. Mamm Genome 16:356-66, 2005. Pubmed reference: 16104383.

Further information is available at the Online Mendelian Inheritance in Animals website.

Test #: C202 | C203

Cost: 40 € (excl. VAT) for both

Time: 7-10 days

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