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Pace, Amble, Canter, Tölt – so much talent in one single gene!

Did you know that it’s just a single gene that decides about your horse’s talent for alternative gaits?

CAG is now licensed from Capilet Genetics for the SynchroGait®-Test! This enables us to test horses for this trait in our Lab in Tübingen for the SynchroGait®-Genevariants which are the genetic basis for horses to perform gaits such as Flying pace, amble and tölt.

SynchroGait® is a DNA test based on a research project in which scientists identified the gene responsible for the gaitedness and leg coordination in horses. This exciting discovery was the first of its kind and was published in the Nature magazine. Since then, numerous studies from international scientists have been realised, which verified the importance of this gene variants.

The SynchroGait®-Test enables us to identify the genetic key-factor of leg coordination. Following it can be used to predict a horse’s performance in two different categories:

  • Flying pace for breeds involved in harness racing
  • Capacity/ talent for alternative gaits (such as tölt and pace) in certain breeds

The SynchroGait®-Test is available for all gaited breeds, especially for Islandic horses, Standardbreds, French Trotters, Coldblooded Trotters, Finnhorses and Morgan horses.

Learn more about how much genetic talent your horse inherits for these gaits and send us a sample. For more information about the test, click here.

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