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New PSSM2 variants – P8 and K1!

Later this month, Generatio-CAG will be offering the P8 and K1 variants. Those who have already tested the original variants with us (P2, P3, P4, Px) will be able to order the new variants alone for the price of 60 EUR (net).

Orders will be done through our webshop. It will simplify the process if you include your customer number and the animal number in the order. We will then check to see if there is enough material on hand for the testing and contact you if you need to send a new sample.

Customers with Icelandic horses will also be able to purchase the two new variants alone, at this price.

Those who prefer to wait for testing will be able to order the new extended package (P2, P3, P4, Px, P8, K1) for a price of 275 EUR (net). It will no longer be possible to order the original four variants alone.

Please note that we are anticipating a large number of orders, but have the same number of staff and equipment! The turn-around times may therefore be somewhat longer for a short period of time.

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