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Mutation found for muscle disease in American Bulldogs, genetic test now available from CAG

CAG, along with collaborators at Clemson University, University of California San Diego, and other researchers in North America, has discovered and characterized a new mutation in American Bulldogs that causes a form of muscle disease known as autosomal recessive Nemaline Myopathy (NM).  Affected pups may show symptoms as early as 8 weeks of age, with muscle atrophy and weakness, tremors, and exercise intolerance.  Pups are generally humanely euthanized before one year of age due to poor quality of life.

NM appears to have an autosomal recessive mode of inheritance, meaning that unaffected carriers can exist for many generations without being detected.  CAG and collaborators have established a test for this disease, allowing carriers to be identified.  These animals do not need to be eliminated from a breeding program, but can be bred without any problem to animals confirmed to be genetically normal.

A scientific paper has been written describing this discovery, and is currently under review at a peer-reviewed scientific journal.

CAG is offering the American Bulldog Nemaline Myopathy test at an introductory price of 28 EUR per sample.  Dogs suspected to be affected with the disease may be eligible for free testing.    Please contact us for more information!

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