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The ISAG Comparison Test proves: Top quality for CAG Identity and Parentage Testing!

CAG is proud to announce that we have earned the placing of Rank 1 in the ISAG 2016-2017 Horse STR Typing Comparison Test. This matches our excellent performance in the 2015-2016 tests for Horse and for Dog.

Comparison tests, also known as circle tests, are a way for laboratories to measure their laboratory accuracy. A central organization, such as the International Society for Animal Genetics (ISAG), sends the same samples to all of the different laboratories that apply to take part. All of the laboratories then run their tests (in this case, the STR Typing test is the test used for Identity and Parentage testing), and report their results. The organization checks the results, and lets the laboratories know how they performed. It is an important way for laboratories to assess their accuracy and quality standards, and CAG is pleased to see that our top quality standards continue to ensure correct and reliable results.

ISAG Dog Comparison Test 2015-2016 (most recent test)
ISAG Horse Comparison Test 2016-2017
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