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Thank you for completing the Questionnaire!

If you have another horse or pony that you would like to submit a sample for, please click here to fill out the questionnaire for that animal. Submit another Horse

There are only three more steps required to complete your sample submission.

1.Take the hair sample from your horse (approximately 30-40 hairs from the mane or tail) as described in the Sample Collection & Shipping Instructions and tape them to a piece of paper, labelled with your name and the horse’s name. Put the paper with hair into a clean envelope or plastic baggie.

2. Print off and sign the HHBI Consent Form.

3. Mail the hair sample(s) for each horse, and one Consent form, by regular post.

Mailing address:



Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 23

72076, Tuebingen


Thank you for supporting the HHBI! We look forward to receiving your submission!

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