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CeGaT GmbH and dw sport horses GmbH found CAG GmbH Genetic testing for Horses, Dogs and Cats

Tuebingen, October 1, 2014 – CeGaT GmbH and dw sport horses found CAG GmbH to bring cutting-edge research to horse, dog, and cat breeders and owners, providing tools to improve the genetic health and welfare of their animals.

CeGaT GmbH and dw sport horses GmbH have jointly established CAG GmbH, the Center for Animal Genetics. This partnership brings together CeGaT’s award-winning expertise in molecular genetics, sequencing, and data analysis and dw sport horse’s experience in the world of horses and animal breeding.

The corporate objective is to conduct ground-breaking molecular analysis of animal genetics and hereditary diseases, especially in horses, dogs, and cats. In addition to on-going research to develop new tests, CAG will offer traditional identity and parentage testing, and existing single-gene disease and phenotype tests. CAG collaborates with academic laboratories, breed groups and breeders, and also offers services such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) of various animal species to answer specific research questions.

CAG’s research will reflect the leading edge of molecular genetics, working to predict simple and complex hereditary diseases and traits. Many diseases in horses, dogs and cats are still unexplored and their underlying cause unknown, particularly for multi-factorial conditions that include multiple genes and environment factors. CAG GmbH will focus on this area, contributing to basic research in the field to improve knowledge and resources for animal breeders and owners and developing resources to improve the genetic health and well-being of animals. Tests offered and developed by CAG GmbH will give breeders the tools they need to reduce the occurrence of undesirable traits through selective breeding and to confidently choose top quality animals for their breeding programs.
Scientific Lead Dr. Melissa L. Cox is specialized in animal genetics, having earned her doctorate in Genetics through the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology at Texas A&M University and has concentrated on comparative genomics with an interest in domestic animals throughout her career. She is the author of many papers on animal genetics published in international, peer-reviewed journals. Dr. Cox has also been a consultant for animal breeders and worked with various breed organizations in educating members and helping set up guidelines for genetic improvement in breeding programs.

CAG GmbH – Center for Animal Genetics
Paul-Ehrlich-Str. 23
72076 Tuebingen

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