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Our goal is to promote animal health through working with breeders and breed clubs by offering cost effective diagnostic testing and innovative research solutions.

Breed Club Discounts for regular testing

We offer substantial discounts for breed clubs and their members for all of our testing services, including parentage and identity testing, genetic diseases, and phenotypic traits. Contact us to organize a discount for your group members.


Depending upon the wishes of the club or breeder, results will be returned in any format desired. This can be to your own database, a database held by a third-party, or a database that CAG can maintain for you.


The CAG biobanking service allows you to collect samples and save DNA for future research or testing. CAG performs DNA isolation, quality control, and archives the DNA in a special freezer in a secure location. The submitting group retains ownership of the DNA.

Samples biobanked with CAG are eligible for a price reduction for genetic testing.

Breed health surveys/questionnaires

Obtaining detailed health and pedigree data for biobanked samples is an essential part of sample collection. We can help you design appropriate questionnaires to gather data required for linear profiling and other data analyses; we also have experience designing breed health surveys.

Education & Seminars

Education is an important part of our mission. In addition to personalized genetic counseling for breeders, CAG offers seminars for breeders, breed clubs, and veterinary professionals. Brush up on basic genetics, find out about the latest development in genetic diseases in your breed and how to deal with them, or learn about the technologies now available for research in animal genetics. Come to CAG for a customized seminar and facility tour, or arrange for us to come to present at a club meeting or event.


CAG offers an alternative for breed clubs wishing to do research into diseases or traits in their breeds. We can help design a research project with your group, and use our advanced technologies such as whole exome sequencing (WES), whole genome sequencing (WGS), and Genotyping-by-Sequencing (GBS). Have control over your samples and the research process, with defined timelines and expectations.

CAG also partners and collaborates with academic laboratories, veterinarians, and companies on research projects of interest.

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