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Available immediately at CAG: Equine Myopathy PSSM2 panel test!

CAG is now offering the PSSM2 test (P2, P3, P4, Px) developed by EquiSeq Inc.  We have acquired an exclusive license for Europe.  Now customers outside of the USA can also do genetic testing for PSSM2 using hair samples!

PSSM2 is the umbrella term for a several muscle disorders (including myofibrillar myopathy and recurrent exercise rhabdomyolysis) which cause similar symptoms. Horses with PSSM2 often have a combination of symptoms including muscle cramping (tying up), shifting lameness, gait abnormalities, muscle loss, and exercise intolerance.  Symptoms first appear in adulthood, and nearly all breeds can be affected.

There are currently 4 known genetic variants for which CAG can test.  Horses may have a combination of variants: the presence of multiple variants results in earlier and more severe symptoms.

Although not curable, having a diagnosis allows an owner to manage their horse’s symptoms and improve quality of life.  Breeders also benefit by being able to make informed breeding decisions.

See our PSSM2 page for more information.

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